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About Us

About us

Team bi0s is a community of passionate college students, who have come together for the cause of making the world a safer place by contributing to the security community while achieving excellence in security research.

The team operates on a principle where the senior members of the club individually mentor the junior members. This enables the juniors to learn at a much faster rate, as they don’t have to face the challenges their seniors had to face.

Founded in 2008 by our mentor Shri Vipin Pavithran, over the years bi0s has been renowned as one of the leading CTF teams in India, with about 30 active members. The club is run by the students themselves, with the help of research scholars, alumni, and faculties.

What we do?

Team bi0s primarily participate in Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions & have been consistently ranked the number one team in India since 2016 according to CTFtime]. We regularly post write-ups of CTF challenges on our blog.

The team members also engage actively in security research. This is evident from the fact that our members have found several security issues in a variety of software such as Virtualisation Software, Content Management Systems, QnA Forums, Operating Systems, etc.


They are the backbone of the team, always there for support, advice and guide.

Vipin Pavithran




Arvind S Raj


Reno Robert